Personal Training

Personal trainer can help you achive goals in many different ways. Here are some basic rules that you need to follow, when trying to get in your best shape ever. Remember, choosing a PT can be tricky job, since there is so many different kind of professional in that field. So do you background research first, see that the trainer has proper education and good experience before contacting them. If they don’t show that information, you can always shoot email and ask those. If they don’t provide the information, just skip that trainer. You are going to need a trainer, who has similiar interest than you. Hera are the best personaltrainer in Finland.


Proper background

Hiring a bodybuilder personal trainer for you when trying to run long distance isn’t very wise. That trainer might not have a clue about how to train running. All they know is how to build muscle and that is no good when trying to run longer. And same story also vice versa. You need a trainer, who knows your goals. And if your trainer has some own knowledge and experience for example from running, then it is a good coach for you.

Solid nutrition advices

Even the best training can’t fix bad nutrion. So your personal trainer needs to deliver solid and working nutrition guides. Some will only give very vague instructions and some will give extremely detailed sheets. Check what your trainer offers. And you can always take training from one personal trainer and seek nutrition guidance from nutrition experts. That works extremely good.

Social proof

See that your trainer has some correct proof that he/she can get your results. Check their previous customers, did they get them into shape or not? If they don’t have clients to show, just skip that trainer. Those people who knows how to success, will have plenty of social proofs that they deliver the results you want. Ask for before and after shots. Those will tell you.


Good trainers will always cost little bit more because they know what they are doing. They are the experts. Rookies will fight with other rookies on prices, experts will do what they want to. So don’t go for the cheapest solution, go after that who can give you results. And after that decide your budget.

Those are the four main reason how to choose a correct personal trainer for you. Check their Facebook and website. See some reviews. Those will give you enough information, if the trainer is good or not.