Hiring a personal trainer

Hi there

What it takes to hire a good personal trainer? Well, there are some points that needs to be clear before hiring one.

First you need a correct trainer for your own needs. If you need to lose weight, then you need somebody who has exertice on that subject. If you need to improve your lung capacity, then you need somebody who knows all about that. Or if you need to increase your strenght, then you probably need somebody who has powerlifting background. Do some research what your potential trainers can do and go from there. We can recommend henkilökohtainen valmentaja.

Second you have to check what kind of packet they offer. Do they have own facilities where the training takes place or do they come into your house. If you want to use the equipment and have more varied training, then you need to go to them. If you are shy and don’t want to go to public gym with them, then you need a trainer who comes to train with you where ever you want. And you can always start at your home and when your confidence goes up, then move to the public gym. That works also.


Third you need some guides about nutrition. That is a subject what some trainers doesn’t do at all and most will do really bad with it. Nutrition is difficult and can be challenging, so that is the reason why sometimes the trainers doesn’t offer any advice on that. I always recommend that let the trainer do the training and you seek nutrition advice from real professionals. You can find nutrition experts via Google quite easily, those have been growing in numbers for few years now. So almost all major cities has now nutrition experts also. Hit Google and look for one. Take nutrition training from them and you will get much more professional service.

Fourth you need to decide your budget. That determines how much training and nutrition advice you will get. Bigger budget you will get more of course. In euros, something around 1000 euros is quite close what you need to spend for three months complete training and nutrition. It can be an invest into yourself. Look at it that way. The money is spent on you and your well being. With lower budget, you can check guidance from online courses. Those will also do really good job, but then you are only responsible for yourself. If you have a correct mind set, that can also work. But if you need somebody to “kick your butt”, then you need to hire a personal trainer.

Those four points will help you to find a good trainer where ever you are living. All major cities around the world has personal trainers, you just need to open Google and search them. Send them email and ask questions. Ask what they offer, what kind of packets they offer, do they have solid nutrition advice and what is their prices. From there the decision is yours. And if you need help, then henkilökohtainen valmentaja will help you.