Getting right diabetes treatment is the most important thing as you can imagine. Since diabetes has been rising extremely fast since 1950, it has become a global problem. It is estimated that for example in Finland, 7 person dies every day because of diabetes. There is almost 700 000 persons in Finland, who are suffering from diabetes. It has been growing extremely fast for past 50 years. The biggest problem is, that the official government guidelines for treatment, are completely false. Why? Something is going really bad, since the numbers are exploding after every year.

2600 persons will die to diabetes during 2017. It has been estimated that in year 2020, there will be over 1 million diabetes patients in Finland. So something is really wrong with official diabetes treatments, since this is growing out of hands at the moment. What is the cause? It is the false nutrition values and incorrect guides for exercises.

The diabetic should eat low carb foods instead of high-carb, which is the recommended. If you eat high-carb foods all the time, you need to hit insulin medication all the time. You need to take pills every day to control the diabetes. That goes away, if person changes to low carb nutrition. But since there is no money involved for producing low carb foods, then that doesn’t really interest major government officials. Money comes always first, even before citizens well being.

So what to do? If you are a suffering from kakkostyypin diabetes, go get some professionals to help with correct nutrition and exercise. You can stop diabetes and get rid of that completely if you eat and train the correct way. Eat low carb and lift weights, that is the best way to get rid of diabetes completely. You just need to do something about it, not just listen official guidelines but to think with your own brains. If you need to add more and more medicine and your health goes worse, change your life!